BrewFest Update - 2020 Postponement

Unfortunately due to the continuing pandemic, this year’s event will not be taking place. As much as the committee loves to produce this event, it’s simply not safe. Even if only one person were to catch this virus, that’s one too many. We realize there are a few different sects of the public that have their own views. Some think it’s no big deal, some are cautious with masks and practicing social distance,and the last group just isn’t going anywhere beyond necessity anytime soon. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with any of those viewpoints. However, it goes against everything BrewFest is. This event is as social as you can get! It’s meant to be! Friends, family, co-workers, heck even strangers become friends at this event! We’ve had several meetings and discussed long and hard, throwing out possible scenarios for a different date, or venue. The bottom line is, we can’t guarantee anyone’s safety. Some of our volunteers represent an older demographic, sponsorship dollars are tough to come by in this economy, and there’s no way to predict where we’ll end up with ticket sales. Being a non-profit, again, these are all risks we can’t take. We remain extremely proud of the work we’ve done in producing this ever-growing and evolving event and we’re as dissapointed as anyone could be. So many great things have been happening downtown Lorain, and we have every reason to believe they’ll continue. By no means are we giving up on BrewFest, we’re simply re-grouping for next year, Saturday August 14th, 2021.

For those of you that have purchased tickets, we hope that you’ll just hang on to them, this year’s ticket will be good for next year, whether general admission early bird tickets, V.I.P, or the designated driver ticket. That’s also the only way to guarantee entry, every year this event grows, we do have a capacity limit each year. IF you’d like a refund, we’ll be working with Eventbrite on how to best facilitate that as they’re our ticket agency, we’ll have details on refunds within the next 7-10 business days.

If you’ve been to BrewFest, you know how much fun we all have, the laughs, the high-fives, the cheers, the incredible music, and last but not least, the thrill of discovering new flavors of beer,cider, meads, wine or food. Those thoughts will keep us looking forward to 2021 for the best event yet. We’ll miss you, please stay safe, be patient with one another, after all, we are in this TOGETHER.

–==The BrewFest Crew==–

BrewFest WD Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deal

Black Friday/Cyber Monday just got a whole lot better. Get your BrewFest Waterfront District tickets early and be ready for Lorain County’s BEST festival of great beer with our first Black Friday/Cyber Monday BrewFest Ticket Opportunity!

VIP Tickets will be available from Friday November 29th through Monday December 2nd for ONLY $50!!!

Every ticket bought gives you a shot at receiving 2 FREE BrewFest BrewCruise tickets!

BrewFest VIP Tickets give you the chance to get into BrewFest early, with a Noon – 1p reception that includes appetizers and beer & awesome BrewFest SWAG!

So check back here on this post for ticket details once they are available!

The Brew Crew
BrewFest Cruise 2021

BrewFest Cruise 2019 was a huge hit and we want to do it again but not in 2020. This year just keeps the gut punches rolling in, we know. This event falls right in line with that, there will be no BrewFest Cruise this year. But, don’t fret! We haven’t given up just because 2020 reeks of disappointment and fails. We’re looking forward to 2021 so we can bring the cruise and booze back with a vengeance! We don’t have any details yet but keep checking back here for any updates!

The Brew Crew
Taproom Exclusive - Podcast recorded live at BrewFest 2019
In this special edition episode, Dean Zarbaugh with Tap Room Exclusive report’s live from BrewFest Waterfront District 2019 in Lorain, Ohio. He interviews Irwin Shires of Craft Beer Journeys, Mark Young of Two Bandits, Mathias Hauck of Avon Brewing Company, Howard Ross, one of the BrewFest organizers and member of Franklin Brewing, Jeff Shaw, the host and DJ for Brewfest, plus hear from people enjoying themselves at this years event!
BrewFest Home Brew Brew Off Lineup Set

For those of you who love home brewing, not much excites you more than the idea of having your OWN brew on tap at your favorite tap house, brew pub, and watering hole. For nine lucky and talented locals, that opportunity is near to becoming a reality…


Our Lineup for our Inaugural BrewFest Home Brew Brew Off is all set and the brewers are busily working to create a batch of beer that will earn them a draft handle at a local brewery!

Bascule Brewery & Public House, of Lorain, Avon Brewing Co. & Railroad Brewing Co., of Avon, and Franklin Brewing of Elyria will judge our challengers’ brews and decide WHO among them will earn their spot in BrewFest history!

Our competitors – Ryan Asik, Adam Bittner, Austin Clark, Ben Cohen, David Cousino, Jason Lowery, Ben Marthey, Adam Martin, and Doug Wiedmann – are just weeks away from being forever immortalized in BrewFest lore and quite honestly, if they’re not excited, we sure are!

So come on down to Black River Landing on Saturday, August 10th and join BrewFest Watefront District to be a part of the all the excitement, all the brews, and all the fun.

It’s sure to be a memorable occasion!


Your Brew Crew!