By Chris Nabakowski


Traditions are funny things.

Sometimes they’re as old as the people who honor them, a part of a community’s culture so ingrained that it would drastically change if the tradition was no longer kept alive.

And sometimes traditions are of a newer kind. Sometimes they’re evidence of a change in cultural identity. They represent a shift in the way the citizens of a specific community see themselves, their place in the world, and what they believe to be most important.

Sometimes a new tradition can even be used as a rallying point for a people. A shining beacon that draws not only the eyes of the community in which it resides, but those of outsiders; folks who might not be fully aware of what they’re looking at, but want to know more.

THAT is what we envision for BrewFest Waterfront District.

Sure, we bring great beer, wine, mead, and cider to the table. And yeah, we most definitely are a celebration of the great skill necessary for creating such lip-smackingly good refreshments.

But we also strive to highlight the greatness of the city of Lorain and, beyond its borders, the county that bares its name! At BrewFest, we see incredible potential in the communities west of Cuyahoga County. We know that we’re underdogs and yet we embrace that!

And that’s why I’m writing today to earnestly ask anyone who loves Lorain as much as we do to join us this year.

Whether it’s simply volunteering to pour beer (a task of utmost importance at our Fest), showing up as a vendor to inform the thousands of attendees about what YOU are doing in our area, or even becoming a Sponsor and helping us put on a better festival than ever before, we’d love to see you rally along with us.

Because of you and your patronage, we’re well on our way to becoming one of the preeminent beer festivals in the Buckeye State. We love that we can bring happiness and enjoyment to the community that we care so deeply about. And we would be incredibly appreciative of anyone who wants to be a part of building upon our past accomplishments and creating a longstanding tradition that celebrates not only brews, but the uniqueness and beauty of Lorain and Lorain County.

We’re certain the city of Lorain is a community on the rise.

We’re doing our very best to help.

And we’d love if you’d like to help, too.

Chris Nabakowski

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